Mini-Kickers Soccers

Thursdays 9am
Ages 2-5

MiniKickers is a new and exciting program that teaches basic soccer skills while developing strength, balance, coordination, listening skills and team work for children aged 2-5. The program’s professional, licensed British coaches will ensure your child has a positive soccer experience.

Erich's Mobile Gym Gymnastics 

Wednesdays 9am
Ages 2 1/2-5

The gymnastics program is managed by Erich’s Mobile Gym. The program conducts winter and spring testing. There is individual attention for each student. Two teachers instruct the program. Activities include vault, bars, beam and floor exercises.

Contact Erich’s Mobile Gym for registration and services

760 434 4084

Payment to Erich’s Mobile Gym

P.O. Box 2242 Carlsbad, Ca 92018

*Students must be enrolled at Pilgrim in order to utilize gymnastic services on Pilgrim’s campus.

Mad Science

Fridays 9am
Age: Pre-K

Mad Science has created a vast library of unique after school programs. Our spectacular demonstrations, hands-on activities, and real world discussions make learning about science fun for kids!

Our interactive, one-hour after school science programs are themed around particular areas of science and include such topics as rocketry, magnets, polymers, and even the science of toys.

In each class, children are encouraged to give science a try and build their very own model rockets, periscopes, Mad Science putty, and more. Children even get to take home their science experiment to show Mom and Dad!