Our "Pilgrim Farm"


The Importance of Pets and Other Animals in the Lives of Children

Pets are an important component within the ecology of child development. Animals can function as an outlet for play that stimulate caring and nurturing attitudes, foster responsibility and serve as a social emotional avenue for developing deep connections. 

Children can establish a sense of security when animals are regularly present in the environment. Pets allow children to act as caretakers, and this could satisfy basic needs like the desire to belong, and the feeling of accomplishment.  

What a wonderful opportunity to enrich your child’s experience with extra social support and wellbeing by surrounding them

Let Us Do the Work

Animals come with great responsibility. Parents/Guardians may already be overloaded with the daily responsibilities of raising a child. Adding pets to the household may pose as an additional financial, time and/or care taking burden. No worries, animals are a part of our curriculum. Leave the work to us!