Pilgrim Children's Center Mission Statement

Pilgrim Children’s Center is dedicated to serving the needs of children and their parents in our community.  The Center provides both a place where children can learn and grow, and a full range of quality programs that enhance and enrich the growth process.

Pilgrim Children’s Center is a social outreach program of the Pilgrim United Church of Christ and has serviced the Carlsbad community since 1974.  As such, the Center fosters sound human values of self-esteem, personal responsibility, cultural diversity, justice, peace and love.

The Center is open to all children; its programs strive to reflect a full cross-section of North Coastal San Diego County.  We welcome children of all faiths and origins into a loving environment where each child’s uniqueness and self-worth are enhanced and celebrated.

Pilgrim Children’s Center considers the needs of both parents and children.  As an all-inclusive, non-discriminating preschool, we embrace children from all types of families and lifestyles.  We seek to provide programs for all, including children of single parents, children with special physical and developmental challenges, children living with gay or lesbian parents, and children in displaced families.

The Center believes in using all available community resources to provide a richer experience for children and parents.  We work to create awareness between the families served and other agencies that may provide needed services.

We recognize that a quality staff is the essence of a quality program, and the staff must be role models of the values we foster.  Therefore, high standards of professionalism and integrity are required of all staff to nurture the growth of each child and to support all family members.

Our mission is to develop curriculum and programming that develops every dimension of a child. Prepare our children for academic readiness and equip them with the skills necessary to navigate through life. Our goal is to provide a valuable learning experience that will enable children to become confident and curious about the world around them and to help build a future of peace and understanding for all people.

Early Childhood Education Philosophy

We believe that young children have a great capacity to absorb information. We believe in forming respectful and reciprocal relationships with each child in order to foster a safe, nurturing, stimulating and enriching environment. Our creative curriculum employs research-based practices in a play-based setting. Our teaching methodology is centered on enhancing physical development, cognitive learning, social, emotional and behavioral skills that promote exploration, curiosity, problem solving, decision making, discovery and personal care routines. As educators, we are responsible for providing learning experiences in a safe environment and cultivating a child’s ability to learn. In addition to laying the ground work for future academic endeavors, we are contributing to building a foundation for lifelong learning.